Quadra DR digital table

Quadra DR digital table

Quadra DR digital table

Veterinary digital table

Quality, simplicity, rapidity

Digital Veterinary table with DR flat panel detector 43x43cm

  • Digital veterinary table 30kW
    • Generator touchscreen control panel
  • DR flat panel detector 43x43cm
    • Large coverage
    • Image format 3072x3072
    • Superior MTF
    • AED mode (Auto Exposure Detection) and / or Trigger



Image acquisition software

The software allows the user to control acquired images directly in the medical examination room, which enables increased workflow while providing instantaneous diagnostic images, which can be sent electronically to other distant workstations for archiving or printing.

Outstanding image quality

  • Image processing adapted to each examination
  • Specific image processing algorithms
  • Automatic image optimisation

Excellent maintainability

  • Remote diagnosis system
  • Remote software upgrade
  • Image quality monitoring tool
  • Flexible configuration
  • Worklist, PACS, Detector
  • Generator, synchronization

Compatible Full DICOM 3.0 

  • DICOM Worklist for HIS/RIS
  • Recording and transmission of images via a PACS network
  • DICOM support for printing
  • DICOM MPPS support



Minimal components

  • 1 PC Tower
  • 1 Display screen: LED 58cm/23"-Full HD (DVI/HDMI) 
    • Resolution (1920x1080) 

Operating system

  • Windows 10 Professional (64Bit)



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