IDEVET portable generator

IDEVET portable generator

IDEVET Portable generator 



Portable radiology

Combined with our flat panel detector DR MobilVet suitcase, the IDEVET portable generator seems to be the perfect tool for the travelling veterinarian.

The 1060HF, 3.2kW portable generator can be used in both the human and veterinary fields.

This generator is simplicity itself and allows the operator to carry out all the exams required.

It meets the medical applicable standards currently in force: 93/42 CE




The 1060HF generator is primarily made up of the following elements:

  • Control panel
  • HT generator
  • X-Ray tube
  • Collimator
  • Exposure switch
  • Power supply cable

Additional equipment:

  • Transport case


Elements compatible with the portable generator:

- refleX: flat panel detector digital radiology system

- DR Wifi 10''x12'' (24x30cm)

- DR Wifi 14'' x17'' (35x43cm)

- Portable workstation such as a PC laptop or tablet


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