Ceiling Stand

Ceiling Stand

Ceiling Suspension 

CEILSTAND CS3 Ceiling Suspension for x-ray tube with vertical wall stand.

New design, modern and smart.

  • Resistant and light aluminium structure
  • High quality and extremely reliable mechanisms
  • High rigidity aluminium telescope, even when extended to the maximum.
  • Large diameter wheels for easy, silent and effortless movement
  • Ergonomically placed push-buttons for brake control
  • ‘’Maintenance-free’’ magnetic safety brakes for all movements
  • LCD display for SID and tilt angle viewing
  • Modular design allowing an easy adaptation to the environment
  • Easy maintenance, thus simplifying technical assistance and interventions.


A large choice of parameters with motorized assistance and automatic positioning.  


01 Potter Vertical
02 Suspension plafonniere
03 Suspension plafonniere
04 Suspension plafonniere
05 Suspension plafonniere




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