The X-ray bone densitometry is a medical device for measuring bone mineral density and checking osteoporosis in animals.

The bone densitometry provides analysis results (BMD, BMC, FAT, LEAN, etc.) with high accuracy (measurement error<1%) on animals using DXA technology, which is known to be the most accurate technology for measuring osteoporosis and body composition in the animal's body. It scans in just 30 seconds and delivers accurate results in one minute.

Data and image storage : Calculated data and images can be stored in external files, such as Excel and Tiff, for efficient data construction and editing, as well as for writing reports or documents.

High-resolution image : By using a 54μm linear detector, it provides super-resolution images at 4.9lp/mm level (much better than general Raw at 3.5lp/mm level) for animal Raw (Digital Radiography) use.

Access point for anaesthesia : Experimental animals can be safely anaesthetised during measurements by inserting a respiratory anaesthesia tube through a small hole.

Different parameters : For analytical values in experimental animals, the device provides various measured values, including BMD, BMC, FAT and LEAN. 

Radiation blocking : Lead shielding inside the device can effectively block the radiation without separate shielding for safe experiment.            

With its technology recognized worldwide, The X-ray bone densitometry is used in many national and public institutes and laboratories, colleges, and university hospitals in the USA, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Norway, China, and India


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